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The Journey Begins! January 31, 2012

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The one thing we all have in common is life. We were all born and we will one day all die. How we live in the between is our decision. Jesus declared that not only are His ways true (John 14:6), but his burdens light (Matthew 11:28-30). Is that not what we want? Rest? Contentment? We only think we want money. Success. Beauty. No. We crave meaning. Significance. The hope that at the end of our life we will have not lived in vain. But the caveat is this, “Learn from me,” He says. Scripture is not for the dumb. Truth will set man free if he will seek to understand. We hold the key to life. Reading for the sake of reading is like admiring the key from a distance. It does you no good until you are serious about picking it up and using it to unlock the door. Jesus firmly notes that those who find this life are few because the journey is hard (Matthew 7:14). Our struggle will not be finding truth; it will be whether we choose to live by it.

I am excited for you to join me on this journey. My prayer is that Ann’s words will drive you to deeply seek truth, foundationally found in God’s Word, the book that truly gives abundant life. May One Thousand Gifts be a reminder of this. That said, I hope you will dive into this book head over heels with me. Doing this will require work. But the effort is well worth it. My prayer is also that over the next eleven weeks the discipline of thankfulness in all circumstances will begin to transform our lives (1Thessalonians 5:18). I hope that we can be vulnerable and open to hear one another’s struggles and victories.

(Begin reading here for blog information and structure) The structure over the next eleven weeks is fairly straightforward. Each week we will read another chapter of the book. The first day of that week’s reading I will post a few questions/thoughts to begin the discussion. My hope is that as the week unfolds you will be able to add to those questions/thoughts creating a rich conversation. You can either search for the discussion by clicking on the Posts tab. Or, you can navigate by using the scroll menu on the sidebar that says Chapters. The posts I add each week will be categorized by that weeks chapter reading.

There are two other pages I hope you will also make use of: Quotes and One Thousand Gifts. The Quotes page gives you the opportunity to share a particular portion of the weeks reading you really enjoyed. You may also do this on the discussion page. It is completely up to you.

I encourage you over the next eleven weeks to begin a One Thousand Gifts journal. The journal can look however you like. Be Creative! This gives you the opportunity to practice the discipline of thankfulness in a very practical way. Ann will allude to this in the book. You may find something that works better for you and that is great! The One Thousand Gifts page gives us a place to share parts of that journal or areas of our lives we are thankful for. I am excited to see what comes from this page! I am finding small things I have never thought to be thankful for. It is amazing how this discipline is contagious!

Please suggest anything you would like to see from this online reading/discussion. I have taken action in creating this blog in a leap of faith. I believe in the power of God’s truth. And deeply desire for women to find contentment in their present circumstances in order to fully live.

Love, Chelsea

Please e-mail me if you have suggestions: chelsea.zimmerman1@gmail


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