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Living the No February 6, 2012

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Yesterday Andrew and I were having a “discussion.” These times are never very fun, but filled with growth. He had previously made a sarcastic remark about my cooking and it hurt my feelings. This comment made me angry and hurt. Out of anguish I retorted that I never felt encouraged by him. After apologizing he said, “Chels, I was wrong in making that comment. But you are placing more weight upon one negative remark than all the good.” He is right. When something imperfect takes place I tend to forget all of the good, all I can see is the wrong. I often do the same with God. Although he has richly blessed me, provided, and demonstrated faithfulness I forget these graces in times of trial. I assume in these moments that God is not good (pg. 14).

“If I’m ruthlessly honest, I may have said yes to God, yes to Christianity, but really I have lived the no” (pg. 16).


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  1. Allison Park Says:

    This week I have been helping some friends move.These friends are like family to me. I used to work in their home as a ‘mommy’s helper’. There are 10 children, two of them living on their own. The husband recentyl asked for a divorce, was seeing another woman. As things progressed there were a lot of things that had been going on in the home that came out and it has broken my heart. Wednesday. She recently bought a 1,000 square foot home for her and her 8 children to live in. As I was driving a truck load up the windy mtn. I couldn’t help but think about the chapter of life that is closing and the new one that is opening. The new one will be much harder in alot of ways. It saddens me so, to see the damage this is doing and I want so bad to make it right. But I began thinking about Ann’s word picture of her life and the death of her sister. I was praying this wednesday that this experience will draw the children to Christ rather than away. some days it is still so hard to grapple with the problem of evil… why do these young children have to suffer, why, why? Do I really trust God when all I can say is “why”, when I am living “the no”….

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